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The Search Process


  1. Client Consultation & Needs Assessment
    It is essential that we learn enough about the client’s business, culture and strategy to refine our understanding of the position, candidate specifications, compensation parameters and terms, and to learn as much as possible about the client’s specific objectives.
  2. Development of the Formal Specifications
    As an outgrowth of the client consultation, we will prepare a written position description and candidate specification which will confirm our understanding of the assignment. After we have accepted a search assignment, the first step is to develop a target list of companies where we feel prospects will be located. We are guided by directions we have received from our clients on appropriate industries and, in some cases, our clients desire an individual from their own industry. However, many times clients desire a broader search and therefore we will target other industries as appropriate.
  3. Prospect Identification
    The identification process consists of two discreet processes that are mutually supportive: research and sourcing. We use an experienced staff to research our target list of designated companies to identify those individuals whom we will contact as prospects or sources. In addition to our research staff, we also use our database of individuals whom we have contacted on previous assignments and, in many cases, individuals whom we have met, to help us identify the best individuals in a given industry. Also, we will use an extensive list of what we call “sources,” which oftentimes will be the more senior individuals whom we know or who may be referred to us to assist in identifying prospects. The classical sourcing process is highly selective and tends to lead to the best candidates since they are identified through their reputations.
  4. Securing the Interest of Selective Prospects
    The actual contact of potential candidates rests entirely with the search consultant. The executive search consultant will personally call individuals whom we have identified. During this process, we qualify those individuals who may have an interest. In the unique environment of our industry, it is necessary to strike a delicate balance between selling a prospect on the opportunity and evaluating their qualifications and experience for the position. Because of our experience and talent, we secure for our client an audience with the best qualified prospects to see if they are both interested and qualified in becoming a viable candidate for the position.  This involves a comprehensive telephone interview to obtain an individual’s background and personal data as well as their accomplishments. We use this information to match up against specifications for candidates which have been given to us by our clients or which have been developed by ourselves.
  5. Interview & Assessment
    The search consultant will meet those individuals who appear to be best qualified and conduct an extensive face-to-face interview. At this time we further qualify the individuals and also judge how they will fit with our client from a personality and chemistry standpoint.
  6. Candidate Evaluation & Presentation
    Following our interviews, we select the best qualified candidates and write a detailed presentation to our clients. A confidential, detailed report will be prepared and presented to the client at the time of recommendation. This report will outline the candidate’s background, accomplishments, personal history, and recent compensation information, plus our opinion of their qualifications and comparison to other individuals, as well as such things as cultural fit, management style, and potential for future assignments within the client organization.  At the appropriate time, a thorough reference investigation will be undertaken on the final candidate(s). We will provide our clients with a confidential report of what each reference says about the candidate. This should normally be conducted at the time the client is prepared to make an offer.
  7. Client/Candidate Coordination
    The next step is to arrange for the candidates to meet with our client. If desirable, we will make all of the logistical arrangements, such as air travel, hotel and so forth.
  8. Final Candidate Selection & Negotiation
    Once our client has selected the final candidate, we will assist in preparing and/or presenting an offer to the candidate of choice. In many cases, we also will assist in any negotiations of the offer.
  9. Communication
    Throughout the search process, our client will be kept fully apprised of our progress on a timely basis. Most often, we are in contact with our clients on a weekly basis and more frequently, if necessary. We find it invaluable to work with our clients as a team and to have open and candid feedback.
  10. Follow-up
    As the search assignment concludes, our involvement continues. We work to help the new executive become successfully integrated into the client’s management team.